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An Innovative Group

Lumibird is a leading company in the industry, and is both innovative and rich in diversity. It is split into two divisions: Photonics and Medical, and employs over 800 employees throughout the world.

Different profiles

Lumibird is looking for colleagues with varied profiles. The Group is committed to introducing policies that encourage diversity among its employees and is constantly looking for new approaches to promote diversity within its teams.


Working at Lumibird offers a number of opportunities allowing you to develop your skills and your career: working environment, work flexibility, national and international mobility, etc.

Application areas of the Group


Industrial & scientific

Defense & Space

LiDAR sensors




quantel laser by lumibird

Solid-state lasers and high power laser diodes

keopsys by lumibird

Fiber lasers, fiber amplifiers and components

sensup by lumibird

Photonics solutions for time of flight LiDAR and range-finding

Halo Photonics by Lumibird

Doppler LiDAR systems for wind measurement

Innovative medical and ophthalmological solutions from diagnosis to laser treatment