Lumibird acquires HALO Photonics, specialist of coherent wind LiDAR systems

HALO Photonics was founded in 2005 in the UK and was the first company to introduce the first autonomous all-sky scanning pulsed Doppler LiDAR.

The applications that HALO Photonics products can serve are, wind profiling and pollution transport for meteorology, wind power, aircraft wake vortex detection for airport weather observation systems (AWOS), urban climate modelling, boundary layer transport, cloud characterisation, turbulence, mixed layer height, wildfire tracking, volcanic ash tracking and potentially other applications areas.

Under the ownership of the Lumibird group since December 2019, HALO Photonics will be further both in terms of a new and updated product portfolio, increased capacity, increased and simplified service offerings and focused customised products for the wind energy, defence and aviation markets.

Halo Photonics

COVID-19 – business continuity for the group

March 31 update :


In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and since March 17, the Lumibird group has adopted and rolled out a continuity plan.

This plan aims to guarantee the protection of its employees in order to enable our sites to continue operating, while respecting the measures introduced by the governments in various countries where the group is present. Our efforts have also focused on our suppliers and clients to enable them to ensure continuity for their activities as well.

To date, more than half of our workforce is still operational, working either remotely or on site. We are therefore still able to sell, manufacture and deliver several product lines.

Our IT systems (collaborative platforms, ERP, CRM..) allow our staff to ensure secure and efficient exchanges with you.

The entire Lumibird group is mobilized to protect everyone’s health and fight the spread of the virus, and will do everything possible to minimize the impact of this health situation on our collaborations.

We thank you for your understanding and your trust.